I support privacy rights and free speech. As a result, I’m always on the lookout for alternatives to products offered by the tech giants, which seemingly take every opportunity to exploit their users’ data and engage in censorship to support the political and social narratives they favor.

When the Brave browser debuted, I was immediately intrigued. I’ve now been using it as my primary browser for over a year and am a committed convert. Why? Because it’s fast, blocks ads and trackers, protects its users’ privacy, and rewards them with blockchain-based tokens (Basic Attention Tokens, or BAT for short).

The Brave browser is also great for content creators because it allows their fans to support them directly without relying on third-party platforms. I expect this to grow in importance for creators, as more and more independent voices are banned, shadow-banned, and demonetized, and even celebrity creators like Joe Rogan and PewDiePie express concerns about being censored by the very platforms they helped grow.

While Brave has suffered from occasional bugs (mostly gone now), these bumps in the road are far outweighed by the benefits highlighted above.

Interested in giving Brave a try? Download it here.