A Walk of 4,000 Days

A photographic documentary of things I’ve seen along the way

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dust storms
  • A thunderstorm to the west of Phoenix is illuminated by the setting sun
    West Side Thunderstorm
  • A single bolt of lightning at sunset
    Lightning at Sunset
  • Clouds tower over a large dust
    Towering Thunderstorm and Haboob
  • A large dust storm travels northwest towards the Phoenix metro area
    First Dust Storm of the Season
  • Rolling dust with pink clouds above
    Dust Rolling Towards Phoenix
  • A distant dust storm from dying storm cell
    Distant Dust Storm at Sunset
  • The setting sun turns storm remnants bright orange
    Storm Remnants at Sunset
  • An Arizona monsoon storm at sunset
    Monsoon Storm at Sunset
  • Colorful homes and church tower in Aberaeron, Wales
    Aberaeron Wales
  • A single pine cone in the snow
    Pine Cone in Snow
  • A storm builds over the East Valley
    East Valley Thunderstorm
  • A monsoon storm viewed from Central Avenue in Coolidge, Arizona
    Coolidge Central Avenue Storm